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Trendy kaleeras for the modern Indian bride

Trendy kaleeras for the modern Indian bride


No North Indian Bride is complete without the kaleelre hanging from her hands. If you see a bride without kaleere well, she is still getting ready. Kaleere are a beautiful tradition with a wonderful meaning behind them. The bride’s female cousins and friends tie them to her hand to let her take a part for those single girl gang days with her. After the marriage, the bride shakes her kaleeras on top of her single female friends and if any parts come off and fall on top of a lucky girl, then it means that she would be getting married next. A Desi version of the bride throwing the flower bouquet to her friends. Sounds cute doesn’t it?

Then when the shiny tinkling kaleere are  associated with such auspiciousness and such emotion, they should be given as much thought as the bride’s whole outfit right?  Here are some trendy kaleere ideas that will not only bring out the whole bridal look but also retain the authenticity, all the while turning eyes.

Let's look at some Trendy Kaleeras

Modern day modern shaped kaleere

Kaleeras are usually dome shaped or semi circle shaped with dangling thread and beads from the concave side. Many jewellery designers and brides are switching up the game by making this head shape into something more modern. Square kaleera heads, tiny house shaped kaleera heads to signify the bride making a new home, triangle heads or fully round heads with beads hanging from the edges and bottom are the new styles. They look different and also elegant with their heavy designs and minute detailing. You might’ve seen the famous ‘doli wale kaleere’ on Neha Kakkar’s bridal hands. You can even incorporate your and your fiancé’s pictures into the thing slots

Keeping it natural, floral kaleeras

Floral patterns, nature wedding aesthetic, pastel coloured garments and outfits are the trend. If you are someone who is going with a nymph garden goddess theme for your wedding then floral kaleeras are your pick. Match them with the pastel coloured bridal lehengas and flowy, flowery hairdos and you might be mistaken for a flower in the garden. The flowers also come in churi designs that go around your wrists and also in the dangling, vine type designs that are pleasing to look at and will do the deed of selecting the next bride from your friend’s group.

The over the top, layered kaleere

Wedding cakes have layers. Wedding lehengas and gowns have layers. Wedding palanquins have layers. What’s stopping you from your kaleera having layers? Well these trendy over the top, heavy and grand kaleeras that have more than two tiers are giving brides the wow factor. If you are someone who wants the room to know that you are entering even before you enter, well these layered kaleeras will do a great job at carrying the tinkling sound ahead of yourself and turning heads towards you.

The simple silver

If you want to shine in an elegant and simple way but still carry the glitter where you can, then these simple silver kaleeras are for you. They don’t need to be as long as and as heavy as your bridal gown. You can still get the message across with a thin elegant one. You just have to choose the one that shines right. You can make it a theme. Silver kaleeras with silver jewellery and the platinum shaded venue tones.

Customized unique designs

Who said kaleere have to be the same old gold and boring? There are so many elements to add in and so much quirkiness to splash on your kaleere and make them more you. The shell kaleere for example, look classy bridal but steer out of the original style. You can also add in elements like feathers, gold tinted leaves, customized coconut shell designs, your favourite flower shapes and many more. You can have dangling pearls instead of golden beads or you can go the extra mile and even store confetti in the tiny concavities of your kaleere so that when you walk the aisle, you leave behind a beautiful bridal trial and let people know that you have left your mark.

 Now that you have seen the kaleeras in trend, it’s time to take a look at what you can do with them next. After the wedding, the wedding dress may go its way, the jewellery may go its way but kaleeras? You can make great use of them. You can hang them up like some sort of customized dream catchers on your living room or bedroom walls. You’ll be able to look at them all the time and will be reminded of your marriage day. You can pass them on to your girlfriends or your younger siblings who can add their own touches to it and carry the emotion. Or you can just remove all the beads and make them into pieces of jewellery that you can wear everyday of your married lives. The options are many, you just have to choose.

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