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Sangeet song ideas for weddings

Sangeet song ideas for weddings

Arre yeh london kyun hai Thumakta?

Cause it's Sangeet Oyee! 

What’s an Indian wedding without all the dhol and ghoomar dances? No wedding is complete without some ‘kamariya’ action by the bride and bridesmaids and some ‘Desi boys’ steps from the groom and his best men. The actual wedding ceremony is only that traditional part we do for the rituals and the formalities. The life of the wedding lies in the Sangeet dances and DJ right? It’s the one night where everyone lets loose. Even the strictest looking uncles get down on the dance floor to bust some moves. From your youngest cousin to your oldest grandparents, everyone looks forward to the hustle and bustle of the Sangeet day. That’s when the whole house comes alive. We need to have music that matches everyone’s tastes and you know how hard it is to select the right songs. So let’s make your Sangeet Playlist an epic one that grooves your whole wedding.

Here are some must have Sangeet Song Ideas


The obvious heavy dhols mixed with the hip hop bass

For the music to justify every age group and for the event to not lose its dhamaka, we need to switch up your music styles. Add the classic Sangeet songs like ‘nagada’, ‘naach meri raani’ ‘kaala chasma’ and ‘ghoomar’ with those EDM beats like ‘tamma tamma’ ‘abhi toh party shuru hui hai’, ‘anivayi anivayi’ and more. Each song has the perfect lyrics, step sequences and thrumming beats that can fire up the dance floor for all.


Spin a story with swing beats

You can do so much more with your Sangeet night than just the basic 1 2 3 steps dances or the basic DJ. Take a  moment from your and your fiancé’s love journey and re-enact it with these songs. You can weave a whole love story like the girl getting dressed for the date in ‘chittiya kalaiyaan’ to the starting moment as ‘tune maari entry yaar’, the cute ‘haule haule hojayega pyaar’, the inevitable ‘iski uski Kaun kiski’ that happens before the marriage, to the d-day’s ‘Punjabi wedding song’ and then closing it off with some DJ sings like ‘let’s nacho’ and ‘subah hone na de’. You can incorporate meaningful gestures, gifts, backdrops and accessories that happened in real life with your partner. Unknowingly, you are weaving yourself a Bollywood romance.


Go classic, add in some all time favourites

Our Bollywood is a treasure trove of music. The more backwards you go in the years, the more precious the music is. So why not pull out some old Shahrukh Khan and kajol like in ‘bazeegar’ or some Amitabh Bachchan in ‘shava shava’. You can always string in your sister to play along to the ‘dhola re dhola’ or your fiancé to indulge you in some ‘Roop Tera mastana.’ Brides get your girl gang and perform some ‘hawa hawayi’ and some ‘laila mein laila’. What’s best, you don’t even have to be guilty about using cheap remix music.


Go full on feminine

There is nothing more pleasing that watching the bride and the bridesmaid perform the default girl gang songs with their pretty lehengas and sparkly jewellery. Make a section out of it. You can dedicate a part of your Sangeet to the wholesome ‘radha Teri jhumka’, ‘drama queen’ ‘Desi girl’s and the ‘Jugni’s. Pop some centre bride action and see how the crowd goes bonkers. It’ll be a memorable moment for the bride too because who doesn’t want to swing to their favourite songs with their besties?


Blast some viral Badshah

As is customary in every Indian wedding, badhshah’s music has to play. With his latest ‘say yes to the dress India’ song ‘sajna’, the viral ‘jugnu’ and the addictive ‘paani paani’ snatching our hearts and ears, they are set to snatch your breath away on the dance floor with the beat and your grooving because when the viral beats play, no one will be on their chairs.

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