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Questions to ask your makeup artist before you step out!

Questions to ask your makeup artist before you step out!

Bridal makeup industry is one of the most thriving yet most delicate ones. You probably already know how expensive the bridal makeup packages are. When you are spending that big of an amount for your Solah Shringar to look flawless on your bridal day, you will obviously be disappointed if anything goes wrong with the makeup right? We all know how vulnerable makeup can be. One teardrop and the whole mascara, blush, compact, foundation and even your lipstick is at stake. So here’s what you should check with your makeup artist before you step out into the spotlight.

Ask your makeup artisit these questions first


Is the makeup waterproof?

Most makeup products are not waterproof. And waterproof makeup is expensive. And marriage? Is all about the waterworks. Be it sentimental tears or suffocating sweat from the venue’s heat. Also, vulnerable areas like the eyelids, the philtrum and the chin is where the makeup fades quicker than on the cheeks. So God forbid you look like an uneven tanned bride with certain patches of skin with one tone and the others with other tones. Also, smudge proof eyeliner and kajal is the main thing that you should go for.


What products will they use? and are you allergic to those products?

This is one of the most important questions. You don’t have to compromise your skin just to look pretty on your wedding day. You don’t want allergic breakouts, acne and pimples all over your face throughout your honeymoon period. So check with your makeup artist if the makeup products are credible. See if there are any outdated products. Be sure to perform a patch test on your wrist before applying the makeup products on your face/eyes.


Will the makeup shade suit the outfit?

You might think it’s not a big deal but the colour and glaze of your outfit and the way the light reflects onto your skin also plays a part in deciding which foundation tone or which blush tone to go with. You don’t want a dark, bold  shade of makeup for a light pastel outfit or vice versa. The time of the function is also important is it mid-day with full sun or late night, discuss all these things with your makeup artist.


How to do the touch-ups work? 

No matter how expensive makeup packages you choose, at least a couple of touch ups in the middle are necessary. Because along with the makeup, there will be a lot of sindoor, kumkum, and flower petals coming in the way for an Indian bride during the wedding. We have to make sure that you don’t rub off your whole foundation while trying to keep your kumkum in shape. Specially if the artist is not there after initial work, what should your sisters & friends do to maintain the look ?


Does the makeup go with the selected hairstyle and jewellery?

Curly hair goes well with a different set of earrings and hair in bun or straight falling hair goes with a different set. Different colours of jewellery go with different shades of makeup. Yes there might be a universal makeup guide for brides and a basic tone that everyone can sport, but just to be sure that you are on spot with the look, be sure to check the overall look before stepping out.

Last but the most important, tell your makeup artist how you want to look. Be open if you don’t want to go overboard. You should still look like you on your wedding day instead of a completely whitewashed or super  accentuated makeup doll.

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