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Foliage varmala is trending this wedding season. Here's why!

Foliage varmala is trending this wedding season. Here’s why!

So varmalas are one of the most interesting, integral and fun rituals in an Indian wedding. No matter what culture you come from, almost every Indian wedding involves exchanging varmalas. This is actually to signify that both the bride and groom are accepting each other as partners. This is why they put the garlands around each other’s neck. Now these garlands, have been versatile since a long time. Ranging from floral garlands to pearl and trinket embedded garlands, the  trends have now brought something called a foliage varmala.

What exactly is a foliage varmala you ask?

These varmalas have more leaves and green elements than flowers. That does not mean that they don’t have flowers at all. What makes these different and unique is their authenticity. Not only that, but the many amazing looks and styles these varmalas come in, changes a lot in the bride/groom look book. Aesthetic and authentic. The perfect mix !

Why should you opt for a foliage varmala?


They scream ethnicity

Yes floral garlands were the OGs but foliage varmalas just take you back deeper to your roots don’t you think? No matter how modern the bride and groom outfits are, or no matter how fast paced the wedding might seem, having a foliage varmala just catches the eye and soul. Anyone can immediately just feel the ethnic vibes dancing off the couple.


The versatility never disappoints

Did you think they were all about the vibes? Well no. There is so much you can do with the foliage varmalas actually. Full foliage varmalas are a style in themselves but add in the subtle floral factors here and there? Make it a custom made floral cum foliage varmala? These looks go amazingly well both with the latest pastel and nude coloured wedding wear and the traditional maroons.


Elegance and elegance everywhere.

Weddings are a compound activity. The looks, the tradition, the elegance and the class. Everything needs to be on point. With foliage varmalas, you can find just the right balance. The varmalas in themselves stand out well so no matter what outfit you choose, custom varmalas of a particular style can bring in that much sought after elegance factor.


The sentimentality

Did you know that foliage varmalas are the only type of varmalas accepted in a few south Indian cultures? Brides and Grooms from Kerala, Tamil Nadu and many such states wear full foliage varmalas only. They have been practising this culture since ages. They have a heavy sentimentality that the leaves just bring you back to the earth and humble you, to counter the heavy gold jewellery that brides wear. They were also mostly made out of Tulsi leaves to increase the auspiciousness. This meaning has somewhat spread into other cultures and thanks to all the above factors, foliage varmalas are now a favourite.


They stand out

Duh. This is a given. Floral garlands would mix into your outfits’ colours to some or the other extent. The foliage varmalas though, can just never go unnoticed or just as a background accessory. If you want to make a statement with every piece of your outfit then yes, these are the best options.

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