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Bachelor party ideas for grooms

Bachelor party ideas for grooms

What is the most important event for grooms in a wedding?

The Bachelor Party !   

Bachelor parties are the main part of weddings that Indian grooms and their best men look forward to. Not the Sangeet, not the haldi, not even the Rokha. If someone hears that you’re getting married then they don’t ask you what outfit you are wearing. The first question to pop up is where is the bachelor party. And I think that’s amazing too because boys having all the fun one last time before the technicalities and responsibilities of a marriage sets in? Well we wouldn’t want to miss out on that now would we. Here are some amazing, fun filled bachelor party ideas curated just for you and your bros to make memories on.

Lets look at some bachelor party ideas


The all too famous gaming getaway  

It is a known concept that once you are hitched you might not find the same time to sit on your Xbox and game the night away with cheap pizza and drinks. Well why don’t you dedicate a whole day for that before your marriage? You can rent out an outhouse or have your hotel rooms equipped with the needed gaming equipment and holler around with your bros for the whole night. It doesn’t have to be just PlayStation games, you can throw different party games like beer pong, Foosball, flip cups, seven eleven. You can even go the extra mile and have a casino night. Gather around the table with your pals and place a few bets. In moderation of course.


Go full on outdoor adventure mode.

We know that you are entering a responsible stage of your life but you are also getting married to the person you love! And it calls for celebration. What better way to celebrate than to go for a race? You can go for a car race, a  go karting race, a horse race or even a physical race like you used to when you were kids. The outdoors is full of possibilities. Wanna go for a hike and pop a bottle of champagne at the top of your hill? Wanna take an obstacle course and prepare yourself for your future days? Well you can have it all and more on a fun outdoor weekend getaway.


The yacht parties

Celebrate the end of your single days with a luxurious yacht getaway. You must’ve already planned a basic trip to the beach for your bachelor party. Spice it off by renting a yacht. Waking up to an amazing view on your own terms? Sounds like a dream doesn’t it. Yacht disco parties are always fun filled. Grab your best men and hit some moves while you party away.  


Go camping

Go nestle into the woods. Huddle around the campfire and let your best men pull out all your embarrassing stories, all your failed dates and past relationships. Take a trip down memory lane with your pals and pull out your old guitar or drum. Bask in the emotion of you finally getting married and come out on the other side feeling stronger because dear groom, you will need to sit with yourself before the D-Day


Don’t forgot the stadium trips

Do not forgo tickets to your favourite game. Wherever your team is playing, head off and go support them. it must’ve been an all time dream to be to their games right, then what better time than your bachelor party? All your best men and friends will be elated too. It will be an unforgettable experience. Yes we can put up all the groom decorations and all the ‘legend has retired’ sashes but going out and witnessing your favourite game would obviously take the cake out of all the bachelor party plans.

Bachelor party camping
stadium cricket party
Yatch bachelor party
Hiking Bachelor party
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