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Skin care tips for brides before their special day

Skin care tips for brides before their special day

No matter how skilled your makeup artist is, if you don’t have that inward skin glow then you are missing out. Your own skin and face are the basis for any look. Surely you can’t show up to your own wedding with a blotchy, acne filled, puffy face right? That would be the worst nightmare. The layers of foundation and compact that will take to cover them all up. Oh God forbid the artificial look. Why go through all the hassle when you can simply ease your skin overnight by yourself? Here are some basic but most overlooked skincare tips that every bride must follow on her wedding eve.

Lets look at some skin care must do's


Scrub off all the dead cells

You must be doing this every now and then before important events. Well this is an important event and what better way to remove all the tan, dirt/pollution, dead skin cells and get the smooth, clear glow than scrubbing? But be careful brides, we don’t want to overdo things to such an extent that you are left with red irritation marks. Just a basic coffee scrub, or tomato scrub will suffice. It’s all about the motions. Rub the scrub all over your skin in such a way to encourage blood circulation and give you the glow. The besan and aloe vera scrubs work wonders too.


Now smoothen the skin

For the skin to retain the moisture and not look dry after scrubbing, you should apply over night serums or healthy amounts of rose water. This will give the skin a smooth and shiny look. This will also help protect your skin from any more damage that might occur in your sleep. There are many commercially available overnight serums with essential oils and all the goodies that bring out the best in your skin.


Then to avoid puffiness

Puffy face is a huge downer. There may be many reasons behind this. Not  getting enough sleep, oversleeping, crying the night before, eating too much oily food and more. It is better if you avoid every one of these. But if you still, unfortunately, do wake up with a puffy face, then you can bring down the puffiness with a face massager and cold ice packs. Make some chamomile ice cubes or aloe vera ice cubes. Rub these over the skin in small circles. This will brig down the puffiness while increasing the skin’s natural glow.


For the pores and acne

Honestly, there is nothing much you can do for overnight acne or pimples. This is why skin specialists advise on a complete one month pre-wedding skin care routine instead of an overnight skin care routine. Because acne comes thanks to a lot of factors. Like eating too many oily foods or due to hormonal imbalances. You should completely avoid popping these pimples or trying any adverse medication. If you want those covered, then talk to your makeup artists. You can also try simple hacks like applying apple cider vinegar, green tea or aloe vera. But don’t rub them too deep. You can also try those commercially available acne flattening patches.

Lastly, avoid these common mistakes,

  • Do not sleep with residual makeup on. I know how pre wedding celebrations and rituals might leave your face a playground of different powders and creams. Hence, put in motion,  a very effective makeup removing routine, before you start on the skin care routine.
  • See to it that your hair is in good condition too. Because greasy hair and dandruff is what seeps oil onto your forehead and gives you tiny oil caused pimples.
  • Do not spend hours looking at a screen. This will just strain your eyes and give eye bags and dark circles. Proper sleep is super important.
  • Lastly, rest. Nothing can compare to the natural glow that a proper rest gives you. So get adequate rest.

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