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Bachelorette party ideas for brides

Bachelorette party ideas for brides

What keeps the bride tribe together forever?

The Bachelorette Party !   

Ah, bachelorette! The most awaited part of the wedding. Going overboard with your girl gang and ticking things off your bucket list before you finally tie the knot? One last hurrah to your crazy single wild days? Clicking lots and lots of pictures to show the world and make precious memories with your best people? Who would want to compromise on that right? Every bride looks forward to her bachelorette as much as she looks forward to her wedding outfit. A whole party planned to your liking with you being the center of attraction for the whole time? Yes, sounds like a solid plan. Now let’s get you some equally fantastic over-the-top bachelorette ideas for the party of your lifetime.

Lets look at some bachelorette party ideas


A Beach Bachelorette

What could compare to a beach party? Rope your girl gang along and go off on a weekend trip. Wake up to the sound of the sea and the luxuries of your stay. You can have fun sports adventures with your bridesmaids. Pick out shells from clear waters and make meaningful trinkets out of them if you can. You can also just bathe in the serenity the beach provides you and prepare yourself for the next big chapter of your life.


Spa weekend

The only thing that can top off a serene ambiance is total self-care. You are headed on a long committed path. Prepare yourself with the well-deserved pampering. From mani-pedis to sauna sessions, deep body massages to a calming yoga session, pick out the itinerary that suits you best. Gossiping with your pals, magazine in hand and hair set equipment on your head? Sounds fun doesn’t it?


A Night in the big city

Get up, get dressed, get on the streets and have some fun! Revisit your younger days, go bar or café hopping, talk to strangers, and dance your heart out under the neon lights and the heavy bass because dear bride, you surely will regret not partying enough when you have the time. Eat something new, or your regular dish, stop on the streets at a local food truck, hold your high heels in your hands and swing with your friends while tumbling around and laughing. Be careful though because you still have to carry the bridal glow on your face for the next few days.


Splurge on some luxury activities

Because if not now, then when? From wine tasting to strawberry picking, from pottery classes to art workshops, there are many activities designed to fit into a bachelorette plan. Along with partying, doing one of these activities that you may not be interested in later can help a lot to calm the pre-wed jitters. You can also experience something new under the excuse of a bachelorette.

And finally, no matter what plan you go with, be sure to rid your mind off stressing responsibilities and only focus on giving yourself the time of your life. You can enter a marriage with a calm mind, only if you have treated yourself the way you deserve.

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