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Instagram worthy honeymoon destinations in India

Instagram worthy honeymoon destinations in India

Where can you go for an Instagram-mable honeymoon?

Right here in India!

Weddings and honeymoons are as much about the ambience as they are  about the sentiment. There’s literally nothing wrong in you wanting to show off all the amazing locations you’ve been to and all the great food, adventures and romantic dates you had on your honeymoon. Everyone wants to experience the fantasy living at least once in their lifetime. Honeymoon is all about that and more with your fiancé by your side. So for you to wake up to the  all too famous breakfast in bed and have every moment documented in an aesthetic Instagram feed, the location you select should be over the top. Here are some favorite Instagram worthy locations that will take the breath away of both you and your followers. Be sure to pack the right camera and go on with your well deserved honeymoon vacation.

Lets look at amazing honeymoon destinations in India

Kullu Manali – Himachal

Up in the clouds, up in the mountains and up in the snow. The best way to describe the feeling of honeymoon. Kulu/ Manali is one perfect Instagram worthy place with the white snow laden mountains, the perfectly blue skies and the adventurous brown hills. A perfect color palette don’t you think? What’s more is that you get to cozy up to your partner in the warm cabins and the calm bon fires. You can experience colorful culture amidst the snow clad mountains. You can also tick activities like mountain and sky sports off your bucket list in the same trip. Two birds with a single stone right?


Another picture perfect location. This location is all about the greens and blues. The perfect green plantations and backwaters say it all. There are many locations in Kerala itself like the green meadows of vagamon, the tea plantation drives of munnar, the backwaters of allepey, the floating cottages of poovar and more. You can literally wake up in a cozy wooden boathouse surrounded by greenery and waters. You can also have the best beach days and street shopping at Kovalam. Kerala also has small wooden cabins hidden away in the wilderness. What’s more Instagram worthy than that?

Andaman and nicobar

The obvious. This is the first location that comes to mind when anyone says honeymoon. What makes it so famous? Well, have you ever had the perfect beach luxury vacation fantasies? Waking up to gorgeous palm tree views, eating from a floating tray in luxuries pools, taking a cozy afternoon nap in a hammock and having romantic candle light dinners beside the star reflected waters? Well the islands are all about luxurious fantasy. Obviously they will quench your thirst for picturesque locations. Again, you can tick off a number of underwater activities from your bucket list. You can literally play with the sea creatures while you and your partner bond over the serene vibes the whole place provides.


Another hill station to please the eyes and the mind. This is a heavily underrated but immensely ambient location that will be sure to pop up hearts from your eyes and your Instagram feed. Again, the local culture is on par with the mountain-y vibe so you will be transported to a whole other world for your honeymoon. Try going on a survival/adventure mode and cook warm soup by the icy cold mountains. You can put your partner’s practical skills to use all the while being romantic.


This simple beauty is practical in all ways. It is a small place so you can be done with the sight seeing in a couple of days and just chill in your cozy cabins for the rest of your honeymoon. It is another lush green hill station with cool breeze and aesthetic setting all around. Did you know that coorg has the Lord of the rings inspired Hobbit hole cabins for a cozy stay? If you are one for a simple, in the woods vacation style, then this is the perfect spot for you. What’s best is that the higher end luxurious resorts also have amazing pool views overlooking the foggy skies.

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