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Last minute wedding shopping list

Last minute wedding shopping list

Honestly, there’s not much you can shop for last minute if it’s an Indian wedding. Because we already have a lot of rituals, a lot of accessories, trinkets and collections that need attention from months prior. The day of the wedding and the few days prior to the D-day are meant for you to enjoy. Indian weddings already have a lot of elements and pieces that require attention. You might’ve already taken enough stress and ran all over the venues, menus, guest lists and budgets twice. Now it’s time for you to sit back, bask in your pre-wedding spa appointments and just wait for the most important moment of your life to come. To further ease your worries, we prepared;

A last minute wedding shopping list for you to check off.


The bridal clothing accessories

You might’ve already gotten your lehenga or saree ready months back. But on the day of the wedding, no matter how many pins and clips we bring, we always fall short of these tiny saviours. So before you go to the venue, check your makeup boxes and see to it that you have enough safety pins of all sizes, hair clips of all kinds, tissues, wipes and even extra cloth or thread for any last minute adjustments. The classic Sui Dhaga is obviously a must have. Also, be sure to check whether you need to get hair sprays, makeup setting sprays, straighteners or curlers. In most cases the makeup artist you booked will have you covered but it’s never bad to be prepared.


Bridal jewellery

We mostly get our jewellery from the lockers just a few days prior. Be sure to see to it that you already have all that you are going to wear on the D-day. You can have a mock dress up event before the wedding too to see which earrings set has made it to the final list or what shade of eye colour you will go for. We need to know for sure which hairstyle matches which earrings or which hair colour matches your outfit. You can look at the brochure pictures all you want but to avoid nightmares like rushed or uneven makeups, do a trial run. Also, buy yourself some good foundation and setter. Because you might get your makeup done perfectly but with all the wedding mandap lights and heat, cheap foundation will melt, crack and give a ghastly look in pictures.


Wedding garlands and florals

Though our Indian weddings have a lot of rituals that need prior preparation and planning, the garlands or the varmala need special attention. Because we usually get these on the wedding day or one day prior to the wedding day as the flowers should be kept fresh. The same goes with the bride’s floral hairdos. There is a high chance of people assigning the task of varmalas to an uncle or cousin and forgetting or running around in search of them. The mangalsutra, wedding rings and other ritual accessories will be taken care of by pandits or a designated elder family member, but they too, should be checked on.


The groom’s stuff

Coming to the groom’s outfits and checklist, be sure to check your wedding joote first. They might anyway be stolen by your saaliyan at the venue but till the venue, you need to have them in proper shape. Also, check on your dupattas, the turbans, any brooches or accessories you are planning on sporting and along with your outfits.


The return gifts

On the day of the wedding, either you or your planner should make these last calls and confirm with the photographer, the makeup artist, the caterer, the driver, the horse assistant or palanquin bearers if your wedding has these themes. Also, hopefully someone has bought the exact number of return gifts based on the guest list and is going to handle them too. Also, you need enough help to manage the wedding gifts, the shagun money and the blessing gifts back to your place, so get that covered too.

Well, at the end of the day no matter how much you try, some jittery nerves and worried movements will be obvious. It’s just the excitement and the nerves battling so do not worry, you have everything covered. Now just sit back and enjoy your wedding.

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