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Important things to keep in mind for a Monsoon wedding

Important things to keep in mind for a Monsoon wedding

The cozy ‘baarish ka mausam’ is finally here and you know what that means? Romance! Love is in the air! Sweet couple pictures under the rain be it aashiqi style or Pyaar Hua ikraar Hua style, steaming hot Monsoon Indian food, aesthetic pictures and super pleasant weather. But a Monsoon Indian wedding is not all rainbows and raindrops. It can get super messy if you are not careful. Mud splattering on your lehenga and heavy wind blowing off your hairdos? No, nothing can rain on your parade on the most beautiful day of your life. Not even the rain itself. You can actually use the monsoons to your own advantage and have an amazing wedding all under your budget. Because the weather itself is giving you a precious factor. 

Here are some amazing tips for a monsoon wedding


The venue

There is this one trend that wedding planners pride themselves in and couples can’t wait to try. The transparent tents! No matter how much you pay the decorators, nothing can even come close to the ambience rains provide. You know how we put in a lot of budget to make the entryways as royal and aesthetic as possible? Now you can have the feel for your whole venue. Imagine getting married under the rain but not a single drop is touching you. You can still have the pitter patter of the rain as a background song and the pleasant weather as a mood lighter. This even gives a much prettier look in the nights.

Some other cozy venue ideas would be the half indoor – half outdoor wedding. Like those huge joint family ancient houses of India? Where there is a big lawn space in the middle? Yes. This gives a great background while protecting the wedding entourage from the rain.

What you have to take care of here is that the wedding venue is not flooded or that there are no puddles of water surrounding. This can be done by having an elevated for a close off venue.


Your outfits

We all know that the first thing we think of when it rains is that our outfits should not be messed up. And on your wedding day? We just cannot risk a soggy dupatta or a runny makeup. It’s not like you will be drowning in the rain but you can actually make the most of the weather outfit wise too. Ever sneaked a look at those heavy velvety kurtas or those long sleeve lehenga blouses and wondered who would wear all those layers for a wedding? But they still look amazing right? Well now you have your chance to sport these unique outfits.

Take care that when you walk to the venue and to the mandap, that you are staying on the dry pavements as much as possible. Also, take care to use a lot of attachments and safety pins so that your dupattas don’t fly off in the winds.


The wedding decor and receiving guests

The only way to make the most of a less than pleasing situation is to embrace that situation fully and use it in positive ways. So it is the rainy season. Why don’t we make it a monsoon- rainy theme instead of ignoring the rain and running away from it? There are many Monsoon decor options for you. Hanging umbrellas, heavy picnic umbrella type tents for each guest table, old bollywood themed rainy songs playing on the DJ and the guests each getting a themed umbrella while the wedding couple’s umbrellas stand out?  Sounds dreamy right?

Coming to receiving guests, this is the one thing that can get messy. They might drag their muddy feet towards the entry of the venue and this gets super dirty. So be sure to put in some extra mats and flooring at the entrance.


Your hair and makeup

Bridal hair and makeup is another main thing that you need to keep in mind during a monsoon wedding. You can actually try a lot of hairstyles thanks to the cold weather. Hairstyles like open hair or half open half close, loose plates and more. You can also go for bolder makeup for it to stand out. 

But do be sure that whatever makeup you choose stands the humidity that comes with the rain.


The food

Finally, the best part of a monsoon wedding. We all love those special Indian monsoon street foods like hot jaleebi, mirchi bajji, chaat, and the all time favourite, hot chaai! Right? So give your audience the complete monsoon feel by adding these hot foods to the menu. You can have special food trucks line up at a different corner just for Monsoon delights.

One tip is that you should keep the food hot and fresh. Make sure that the caterers know this. Also, food hygiene during monsoons is another very important thing. So have the area clean too.

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