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Feeling bloated on your wedding day? Here are some tips.

Feeling bloated on your wedding day? Here are some tips.

Bloating is the worst nightmare for fitness freaks and regular healthy people all the same. Imagine working  out and eating healthy for ages to finally be in the right shape for your wedding but you wake up with a bloated stomach and face. Now the outfit doesn’t look as sleek as it did when you first tired it and all your photoshoot plans need alterations. You need heavy makeup and hot water to cover up the bloated feel. Sounds like the ultimate unnecessary headache doesn’t it? So here are some tips that both brides and grooms can follow to avoid bloating on your D-Day.

Here are some tips to survive feeling bloated on your wedding day


Avoid oil and fried food as much as you can

I can say don’t eat oily foods the day before and leave it there but sudden changes in diet are what fuel bloating. If you want to be in the perfect shape, avoid oily and fried foods from a few weeks prior. This helps with your whole look. Now pre-wedding rituals like Sangeet and mehndi might tempt you to break the chain so maybe keep it low instead of mentally restricting yourself from your own parties. If you do eat oily food by mistake or by temptation, here’s what you should do next.


Heave a detox drink before sleeping and in the early morning

A simple detox infusion can help both with bloating and unnecessary gut problems like constipation that might pop up on your most important day. Here’s how to make a detox infusion. – in a pitcher of drinking water, add in a few lemon slices and mint leaves. Leave this infusion to set overnight in the refrigerator. These natural diuretics will help with salt and water retention in the body resulting in a clean gut. You will be able to feel the effect immediately as the residual gas is let out.


Avoid carbonated beverages altogether

You can eat the yummy Indian meals in moderation but be sure to completely stay away from carbonated drinks. That gas in the drinks is what stays as bloat in your body. So unless you are willing to do a month's workout in a day to burn that drink, you better stay away from it. Avoid chewing bubble-gum and sugary foods too.


Wake up early on your D-day and move around

Speaking of working out, if you are someone who exercises everyday, then I advise you to follow the same routine on your D-day. This will help with bloat and give you the needed pump to look flawless on the stage. Be sure to limit the workout time and only do it if you are someone who regularly exercises. For everyone else, shock workout induced bloating might occur as another new problem.


Spa it out

That’s right, you can indulge in a nice warm bath and massage and guess what, they help with bloat in a quick way too. Abdominal massage with essential oils is said to relieve the excess gas and give an overall light feel. You will anyway be having the bridal/groom spa. Add in the bloat relief movements and you are ready. This also helps with facial puffiness.


Try gas releasing and anti-bloat tablets The return gifts

If you have tried all the above and more and still feel heavily bloated, then you might want assistance from external sources. Anti-gas capsules are commercially available and perfectly safe for one time use, unless you are allergic to them. They provide quick and easy relief. Even when you pop a capsule, be sure to move around a bit and create that necessary motion in your body to digest the capsule and increase the metabolism.


Try these natural de-bloaters

Here are some more quick and easy de-bloating tips that might work if one fails.

- Natural bitters. They help in activating digestive enzymes and fastening digestion. They are commercially available.
- Have hot / lukewarm water. This helps in relieving excess sodium. 
- Hot teas like dandelion tea, lemon and ginger tea, green tea and such might help.
- Apple cider vinegar is another best option. It helps balance healthy bacteria and improve digestion.

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